Clothing Design


My mum taught me to knit at the age of 4, and I also started to sew clothes for my dolls with a needle and thread. And if I wasn't doing those two things to fulfill my creative mind, I would be cooking or making something out of anything.

Fortunately for me I found myself in a position as an adult where I saw a few things on Pinterest, knew I could make them and make them better and before I knew it, I was selling to strangers around the world. I was soon being asked to design and make pieces for photoshoots, magazine features, weddings in France, in fact weddings around the world, to supply boutiques in Melbourne and Dubai and most importantly to fulfill the dreams of many little girls to look like a Princess in their special pieces.

It wasn't a plan to go into business but the demand seemed a viable decision to do so. I had been trained by an accountant to use Xero, I had a lot of administration skills and experience and I love dealing with people. Through my business I learnt so much, met a lot of wonderful people and really did make a dream or two, come true. And thankfully my passion for web design was born from working on my own website at the time.

Below is just a snippet of some of the work that I did including one of the postcards that I graphically designed - from a photo I took - of a little girl in a dress I designed and hand made. Yeah I feel a little proud (** insert smile here **).