Data Visualisation using API's

The task was to work as a team to build an application that is intuitive to use and displays data from an API in an easily understandable representaion. Before production, the behaviour of the application was to be modelled and prototypes to be tested. The production of the project was managed using agile methodologies. All contributed code adhered to the team’s best practices. Project dependencies were managed and common tasks automated.

We were a team of four who shared the tasks and used tools such as git hub and Trello to keep on track. We decided to represent one Behance photographer each. From a group-effort landing page we would link to one individual page each - these were independently coded. This is my page.

Considerations for my design were:

    • Light and pastel colours used to blend with the designers work
    • Simplisitc style so as to keep the designers work as the focus
    • Pretty and elegant to fit with the style of the designer
    • The font was determined by the group
    • I wanted to experiment with the hover effect for the projects section but a preferred and cleaner style would have been a modal pop-up with an image slider and data text. Time restraints did not allow for the change.


Behance portfolio for a design firm. The design firm you have begun working for has given your team a task of creating an app to show off the work of their designers. This work will be hosted on Behance so the app must consume data from the Behance API.

The firm wants a single page application (SPA) which integrates nicely into their existing site and use the existing header section with main navigation (so it is not necessary to build this).

Using the Behance API, the app should allow the user to:

    • view a list of designers
    • view a designer’s details
    • view a designer’s list of projects
    • view a project’s details
    • visualise the overall statistics of a designer’s projects, including the number of views, appreciations, and comments

Staff members’ Behance IDs will be supplied at a later date, so you should use Behance users of your choice in the meantime. The firm would like to make the code for this project available to the open source community but in doing so require the project to build without errors.


    • Behance membership
    • Behance API Key/Client ID
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