Wordpress CMS Theme

This summative was the final assignment for my Diploma. It consisted of building a site using HTML and CSS and from that, to then construct a WordPress Theme. The project was for a real client and to be treated as a professional job.

The time frame was three weeks and had to include all research and prototyping as well as building the site, user testing and final feedback with any necessary changes. In amongst that three weeks, the brief also instructed to build our own portfolio, which is this current site that is hosting all of my work and projects.

All of the considerations for this project were met and above expectation of the client.

Considerations for this project:

    • Bright and clean
    • User friendly
    • A booking system integration
    • Gallery of images
    • Modern and sleek
    • Outstanding from other websites of similar businesses in the area
    • Feminine
    • The site is currently hosted on annemariedesign.co



You are to produce a CMS website. A custom theme will be built with a mix of custom and third party functionality and it will be compatible across browsers, devices and platforms. Use cases will be identified for both the end user of the website and the content administrator. Customisation components that allow the administrator to easily configure the website to meet the identified use cases will be planned and built. Prior to production, an industry-standard contract should be assembled. Accompanying the website should be documentation for site administrators. The client will be provided with a training session on how to use the content management system.

Include the following:

    • an analysis of cultural or sociological issues that may need to be addressed
    • a typography plan
    • a plan for the internal team that identifies technical requirements for the custom CMS website/theme and how they will be implemented
    • a customisation plan
    • user testing results
    • a customised contract


    • Documentation in pdf format
    • The CMS website or custom theme project
    • Training documentation file or link
    • A separate text document on compatibility and acceptance testing results
    • Online portfolio
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